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Alcohol : 12.5%

Acidity (g/L) : 6.4

Volumn : 375 ml

Sweet white wine / icewine


Yarden Heights Wine is produced exclusively by Gewurztraminer fruit harvested on the cool Northern Golan Heights in the style of classic icewine.  Hand picked whole clusters of very ripe grapes are bought to the wnery and cooled to -12C over a one-month period.  The clusters are gently pressed while still frozen to gradually yield rich and concentrated juice, which slowly ferments over a few months.

The wine is a richly aromatic dessert wine showing off characters of litchi, apricot, peach and spice, along with notes of fresh flowers and orange zest that best served at 5-8C.  With good acidity, this sweet and intensely flabored wine exhibits delicious and lingering flavor.

The wine will continue developing in the bottles, taking on alluring marmalade notes, and should stay in excellent drinking condition for a decade or more from vintage.

Serve the wine alone as an aperitif, or pair it with fresh fruit and cheese or a sweet fruit-based dessert such as peach tarte tatin.


Yarden Heights Wine Gewurztraminer 2017 (375ML)

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