Teperberg Impression series - Riesling 2017

Teperberg Impression series - Riesling 2017

SKU: 16TB04

Alcohol : 10.9%

Acidity (g/L) : 5.3

Volumn : 500 ml

Late Harvest white wine

Mevushal by pasteurization


The wine is 100% white Riesling and grown at Bustan Vineyard in Shfelat Yehuda.  The grapes arrive at the winery in the early morning after being mechanically harvested and are immediately, gently and quickly pressed in order to obtain high quality white must.  After undergoes several filtering process and is then matured for six months in American oak barrels.  The wine does not undergo malolactic fermentation in order to maintain its crisp, fresh qualities.

Impression Late Harvest Riesling is a sweet and magical white wine which is characterized by peach, pear and wood scent as well as a touch of vanilla and caramel.  It is a young and graceful wine that full with fruit flavors.