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The Recanati Reserve Merlot 2012 produced from select high-altitude vineyards in the northern Galilee, where Israel's rich, ancient soil, warm days, and cool Mediterranean nights combine to nurture this classic varietal to its optimum potential. The wine has a nice bright purple, kind of Viking purple that is semi translucent and much lighter at rim. The aromas are clean and fresh with not much on the nose. There are hints of some currant and possibly darker red raspberries and a touch of cherries. This wine is full bodied with a super strong alcohol and tannin that is jaw grabbing. The wine is very dry and a bit too much acid at end. The finish is not super long and stronger acid. The Merlot is outstanding with grilled red meats, risottos and mushroom-based dishes.

Recanati Merlot Reserve 2017

SKU: 16RC01
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