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Semi-dry white wine

Alcohol : 11%

Vineyards: Zichron Ya’akov


Wine Notes: This refreshing and exotic semi-dry white wine has a permanent loyal group of followers. As Jonathan Tishbi proudly notes: “This is my personal favorite variety. When I first
established the winery, I could always rely on this Muscat as being a special wine. When the winery was in its youth, we used to produce preserves from these grapes during the harvest season, Muscat also being delicious table grapes”. With the tropical aroma classic to this variety and its wonderful flowery bouquet, this wine is a surprisingly good accompaniment to Far Eastern cuisine or spicy dishes, in general. Recommended serving temperature is 8-10°C (46-50°F).


Tishbi Muscat Alexandroni 2017

SKU: 16TW18
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