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Dry Red Wine

Alcohol : 14%

Appellation : Shomron

Varietal: 88% Merlot, 8.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3.5% Ruby Cabernet.

Barrel Aging : 12 months

The grapes from the Sde Boker and Kfar Yuval regions which are superior unique growing Merlot grapes. The vineyards possesses complex and sophisticated irrigation system, assuring that the grapes receive the exact amount of water according to their specific needs. The micro-climate in this region provides strong sunshine, daytime breezes and cool nights. The loess soil, together with this climate take their part in the creation of a unique terrain, cultivates small grapes, with thick skins and intense flavors. This all contributes to a complex wine, rich in tannins. The grapes from each vineyards were fermented in separate vats (as a single vineyard) and were aged in separate oak barrels, the blends being create during the aging process.

This is a refined and elegant wine with powerful colors. Its shows prominent flavors of plums, liquorices, black tea, cassis, cherry, sweet vanilla and chocolate aromas all coming from its aging process in oak barrels. This wine is good for drinking now and possesses a long aging potential.



Tishbi Estate Merlot 2011

SKU: 16TW03
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