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  • VARIETALS: Blend
  • ALCOHOL: 13%
  • DRYNESS: Smei-Dry
  • MEVUSHAL: Not Mevushal


The Gush Etzion Winery blends series brings a semi-dry white blend which the various grape varieties started fermenting separately, towards the end of fermentation the final blend was prepared and fermentation was stopped before the wine was dried by lowering the temperature to zero degrees and separating the wine from the yeast. The wine has about 7 grams of sugar per liter, so although by definition it is semi-dry, it is not onerous and can be accompanied by any meal like any other dry wine.

The expert thing

 The wine has a green straw color, powerful smells of rash and tropical fruit, rich and complex taste with pleasant sweetness and crisp and balanced tartness.

Gush Etzion Spring River White 2017

SKU: 16GE03
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