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About the wine
Gamla Chardonnay 2020 presents fruit aromas of lemon, lime, nashi pear, green apple, melon and pineapple, against a delicate background of French oak. This is a wine with a medium body, full of flavor and fun to drink.


Gamla Chardonnay 2020 is ready and fun to drink now and under proper storage conditions will be preserved for up to four years from vintage.


Wine and food
The wine will accompany a great halibut fish coated in herbs, roast chicken with pineapple salsa, or pasta in a cream sauce.


Gamla Chardonnay 2020 is produced entirely from Chardonnay grapes harvested in vineyards located in the northern Golan, the coldest and highest wine region in Israel. Over the years, this area has been recognized as a growing area producing Chardonnay of outstanding quality. The wine was aged for a short time in French oak barrels which left the spotlight on the qualities of the fruit.


On the tumor area
The Galilee is the northernmost growing area in Israel and is considered the best for growing wine grapes. Within this growing area, the Golan Heights is the part where the temperatures are the coolest and the grapes are of the highest quality. The vineyards on this volcanic plateau grow from 400 meters to 1200 meters above sea level and the highest ones where snow meets in winter.

The Golan Heights Winery is located in the city of Katzrin, which is in the center of the Golan.

Gamla Chardonnay 2020

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