Date Honey

Date Honey

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900 grams

Kosher Klit Gat date honey from israel.



蜜棗含有豐富的單醣葡萄糖和果糖,比其他糖漿更有效、更迅速地提高血糖水平。因此它非常適合患有低血糖症的人,或對蔗糖不耐受的人或有難以吸收二糖的胰腺問題的人仕。 蜜棗含抗氧化劑,其鎂和鉀含量高於楓糖漿和蜂蜜等,近年來成為糖的流行替代品。

Honey Date is rich in the monosaccharides glucose and fructose, meaning that it raises the blood glucose levels more efficiently and immediately than other syrups. It is therefore highly suitable for people suffering from hypoglycemia, or for those with sucrose intolerance or those with pancreatic problems who have difficulty absorbing disaccharides. Honey Date is higher in magnesium and potassium than some natural sweeteners, and so has been a popular alternative to sugar in recent years. It is also rich in antioxidants.

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