Binyamina Reserve Shiraz 2017 Mevushal

Binyamina Reserve Shiraz 2017 Mevushal

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Dry Red Wine

Variety: Shiraz and Viognier

Appellation: Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights

Barrel Age: 14 months

Serving Temperature: 16-20°C


The shiraz  grapes were harvested from vineyards growing in two adjacent regions: the Upper Galilee, primarily from Kerem Ben Zimra, and Alma, on a combination of basaltic and terra rossa soil over hard limestone bedrock with efficient aeration of the roots; and the southern Golan Heights, with its deep, fertile basaltic soil and fluctuating limestone content.

The Upper Galilee enjoys a cool climate, with chilly summer nights, hot summer days and low humidity. The ripening period on the Southern Golan Heights is characterized by full sun and extreme heat with cool, dry nights. These conditions allow for prolonged ripening and optimal development of grape color, aroma and flavor.