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Dry White Wine

Alcohol : 12.5%

Appellation: Ramat Sirin – Lower Galilee Region Gilboa

The Semillom grapes were harvested at the end of July, 2014 and identified an increase in sugar levels and th development of flavor in the garpes, while a high level of acidity was maintained. During the aging process, several trials had been made with various blends and different species of grapes, ultimately decided to add10% Sauvignon Blanc grapes which contributed to the aromatic richness and structure of the wine.

The wine is a refreshing and crisp summer wine with ample aromas of ripe summer fruit, such as melon, white peach and a touch of citrus.  When tasted, the wine feels very tight, dry and mineral like, with presence and good intensity.



Binyamina Reserve Semillon 2014

SKU: 16BI07
HK$240.00 Regular Price
HK$192.00Sale Price
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