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Dry Orange Wine

Variety: 100% Roussanne

Appellation: Galilee

Serving Temperature: 8-10 degrees Celsius


This wine is produced according to the orange wines style, in which the bunches are pressed as a whole and transferred to fermentation with the skins, similar to red wines, for the purpose of extracting the wealth of colors, aromas and natural flavors.

The vineyard is located on the slopes of Malkishua Mountain, at a height of about 440 meters above sea level and overlooks Beit Shan Valley on the north-east and Jezreel Valley on the north-west.
The soil is a combination of hard and soft lime rocks, Terra Rosa soil and dark soils. The Mediterranean climate of the region brings an average annual precipitation of about 450 mm.
Despite the proximity to the hot Beit Shan Valley, the height brings to the region cold winters and strong winds that blow permanently all year long and create dry air and cold nights. This weather contributes to the grapes development and preserves the acidity. The vineyard is located near wind turbines which provide energy to the surrounding villages.

Binyamina Reserve Orange Roussanne 2018

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