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Dry Red Wine

Variety: Merlot

Appellation: Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights

Barrel Age: 14 months

Serving Temperature: 16-20°C


Binyamina Reserve Merlot is made from grapes of the blue-blooded Merlot variety with origins in Bordeaux. The grapes were harvested from our vineyards in two adjacent regions: the Upper Galilee, primarily from Kerem Ben Zimra, on a combination of basaltic and terra rossa soil over hard limestone bedrock with efficient aeration of the roots; and the center of the Golan Heights, with its deep, basaltic soil and good drainage.

These two areas enjoy a cool climate with chilly summer nights, hot summer days and low humidity. These conditions enable prolonged ripening and ideal development of the grapes’ color, aroma and flavor.

Tasting Notes

Binyamina Reserve Merlot is characterized by a restrained maturity and excellent balance between freshness and concentration of ripe fruit flavors. Its rich dark color, concentrated aroma and flavor, complementary acidity and high complexity are the result of optimal ripening conditions and diverse terroirs. In addition, the reduced yields result in a wine endowed with a perfect, delicate balance.
The wine has a deep red color with intense aromas of raspberry, ripe plum, sweet spices and mild notes of roasted coffee on the nose. On the palate, the wine opens up with aromatic black fruit, spices and a mineral flintiness. The wine is full-bodied, balanced, refreshing and ripe, with an intense lingering finish.

Binyamina Reserve Merlot 2016

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