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Dry Red Wine

Alochol: 14.5%

Variety: 100% Marselan

Appellation: Galilee

Aging: 16 month in French oak barrels


Binyamina Reserve Marselan is part of a new trend of “Mediterranean Wines”, which are demonstrating an increasingly growing presence on store shelves and wine menus in restaurants across the country. Marselans belong to a species of grapes which have acclimated nicely to our country, generating wonderful results and prompting much interest and attention. This successful crossbreeding between Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon results in a grape with qualities from both sides – fruitiness and aroma from the Grenache, along with a good structure and firm tannins from the Cabernet.


Tasting Notes

The Binyamina Reserve Marselan is richly aromatic and characterized by fragrances, fresh flowers and a lot of dark fruit. When tasted, the same compressed, dark fruit dominates again, with medium, chewable tannins.

Binyamina Reserve Marselan 2018 (Mevushal)

SKU: 16BI67
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