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Dry White Wine

Barrel Age: 9 months

Volume:750 ML Alcohol:13%

Ideal serving temperature:10-12 ̊C

Kosher for Passover, Mevushal


A complex wine with a booming medley of aromas and flavors, it has a shade of golden yellow with an exceptionally rich aroma. The palate distinguishes complex and distinct flavors of refreshing citrus, peach, ripe melon and vanilla with an elegant, multi-layered textural balance. It is rounded off with a long and satisfying finish.

Best matches with: rich and intricate dishes; European classics such as veal escalope in a lemon sauce; fragrant hard cheeses such as Gruyere or Pecorino.

Binyamina Reserve Chardonnay 2017 Mevushal

SKU: 16BI45
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